Thanks to All the Blogging People

When I first got this thing (yeah, I know, I still have trouble saying the word “blog”), I had no idea what to expect from the community of other bloggers. In fact, I had no clue that there was such a thing as a community of bloggers. I thought that I would just be writing regularly, scheduling posts and publishing them consistently, without any fuss or muss.

But there’s a level of interaction involved while writing a blog that I’m immensely glad I’ve discovered. (At least on WordPress there is. I don’t know if other sites are similar. I hope they are.) Not only am I getting my writing pushed out into the void, I get to read what other people are writing about too. I don’t mean to toot other people’s horns (I totally mean to), but there are some fantastic writers out there.

Looking at the setup of the average blog post, once you are done reading a post, you can like the post and write a comment. Initially, this frightened me. It was reminiscent of various social media platforms I use, and in those cases, the “comments sections” can be very toxic. People use anonymity as a shield as they hurl insults and viciously critique whatever it is you’re posting. And as a poor, sensitive writer/person with varying degrees of low self-esteem, I was dreading the day someone would come along and beat the shit out of what I had written.

But, amazingly, the people I’ve met while writing here have been nothing but kind. Working on this blog has shown me how wonderful social media could be if platforms were not constantly hounded by Internet Trolls. While I may not be raking in the “likes,” not a single person has been discouraging. Everyone has been the epitome of kindness.

And it’s making me feel all warm inside.

So here’s a short little post to anyone who happens to read this who is part of the blogging community. I can barely begin to express the gratitude I feel when I’m interacting with people on a day-to-day basis.

You guys are awesome. Seriously.

14 thoughts on “Thanks to All the Blogging People”

  1. I am glad I read this post today 😍
    The WordPress community is auite encouraging and engaging and if you put in the effort you get back what you put it’s awesome really

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  2. WordPress is a surprisingly supportive platform. I do have one critique of your blog though: you’re clearly not a below average person, and this is clearly not a below average blog. You have a fun and likable personality (as evidenced by your writing), which makes for engaging posts.

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    1. Thanks for the critique 🙂

      When coming up with a name for the blog, I wanted something that was the opposite of hoity-toity. I feel that being upfront about my mediocrity makes me more approachable as a person.

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  3. I’ve had a self-hosted WordPress blog since 2005, but I was reluctant to integrate it with the larger WordPress community for some of the reasons you mentioned, in particular my own less-than-positive experiences with social media. Six weeks ago, I decided to install Jetpack and see what happens, and so far I haven’t regretted it. The engagement so far has all been genuinely positive.

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      1. To someone operating a self-hosted WordPress blog, yes, I’d recommend Jetpack. The level of engagement has increased as folks have been able to “like” posts and comments, along with the additional visibility of being in the Reader. If you host your blog on, you probably already have that functionality baked in.

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