Trouble in the Kitchen: Overcooked 2!

Hey, guys!

Are you desperately looking for a video game you can play on the couch with some buddies?

Also, does the idea of saving the world from a zombie invasion by cooking the most delicious gourmet meals appeal to you?

Welcome to Overcooked 2! 

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is the sequel to a simple but fun game that you can play with up to four people. You and your friends play as rookie chefs who work for the Onion King. You have to clean up the King’s mess when he tries invoking a new recipe from the Necro-nom-nom-icon. (I know, it’s just too cute.) Instead of learning the steps to make a tasty new dish, the Onion King unknowingly raises the ravenous UN-BREAD. (Get it?)

The game is super easy to learn. You basically move your character around with a stick, with a button to pick items up and another to use them. It’s that simple. Using those straightforward controls, you and you team of cooks have to learn new recipes and prepare many dishes in a timely fashion in order to defeat the Un-bread.

Each area comes with its own theme, and every level sees your group in a little kitchen. If you deliver your food orders on time, you earn points. If you fail to deliver the order on time or if the order is delivered incorrectly, you lose points.

Note: You can get a score in the negative numbers.

My sister, Alya, is the one who introduced me to this game. And since we have remarkable chemistry when it comes to any cooperative exercise, we can play Overcooked like a couple of top chefs. We work together seamlessly.

I’ve cajoled many of my other friends into playing Overcooked with me as well.

Bubba and I can play really well together. (Admittedly, I think I’m a bit of a bully in the kitchen when he and I play together.) He always remarks on the sanitary conditions of our kitchens. We constantly have to drop ingredients on the floor while we’re playing, but then we’ll pick them up and cook with them anyways. Bubba does not think we’re up to code.

Nick and I goof off a lot. Nick likes to leave frying pans alone just to watch our entire kitchen go up in flames.

Andreya gets super stressed out when the timer begins to run out. She does not handle pressure in video games well.

Danny is a fricking completionist, so every kitchen has to be completed to perfection whenever I play with him.

Video games can seem like a daunting arena for those who don’t often play, but I think Overcooked 2 is a good example of how open and amenable a video game can be for regulars and newcomers alike.

It’s currently out right now on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

I’d rate it a party-game-you-always-want-to-play-but-never-seem-to-have-enough-controllers-for-so-you-have-to-go-out-of-your-way-to-buy-more-so-that-you-can-finally-have-a-full-kitchen-but-then-you-regret-it-immediately-because-some-of-your-friends-don’t-work-well-with-others kind of game.

5 thoughts on “Trouble in the Kitchen: Overcooked 2!”

  1. Nice review 🙂 My girlfriend and I have three-starred all but two stages from the first Overcooked. The boss of the game bested us, though. He’s really unfair (20 minute slog with lots of RNG elements!). I want to get the second one but not sure our relationship could take the strain XD

    You’re lucky to have such a great co-op buddy (and so many IRL friends to game with!).

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    1. There’s this one stage in the first Overcooked that stumped me and my friends as well! It’s this ice one. We keep slipping and falling into the frigid water 😛

      But you should definitely take on Overcooked 2. It does feel slightly easier than the first.

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  2. I love this game! We always start game nights by playing this game and passing off the controller when people get too stressed. It’s manic when you have four people going, didn’t know about the sequel, thanks for sharing!

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