Sit Down and Watch Some WandaVision: WandaVision Review

I’m a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as is most of the globe at this point. (Is that an overgeneralization? Maybe. But I’m making it anyways!)

So no matter what the MCU elects to churn out to the masses, I’m going to watch it. I’m going to immerse myself in the trailers and the lore discussions and the review videos afterwards. It’s a whole process.

When I first saw the trailers for WandaVision, I was mightily intrigued. The show appeared to be doing something it had never tried before. Both Wanda Maximoff and the Vision were seen in these sitcom roles from various eras of television. This would be mystifying enough if it weren’t for the fact that the character of Vision was considered dead at this point.

What follows is going to be a spoiler-free review on the off chance you haven’t seen the show yet. (Though given that it’s been about a month since the last episode released, you really should have checked it out by now.) And yeah, I know I’m covering the show way later than I should. But, I mean, I am a Below Average person. It’s part of my descriptor. Might as well cover shows in a Below Average fashion, right?

WandaVision uses perhaps the most interesting vehicle I’ve yet seen to tell a Marvel Cinematic Universe story. It follows the familiar structure of sitcoms to tell its tale, so much so that you might not understand what’s going on at first.

Any fan of the MCU will enjoy this show as it offers a unique perspective into certain events that were never really explained in the films, and the sitcom angle is really quite fascinating. Newcomers to the MCU should definitely not start here, as the appeal of many moments in WandaVision rely heavily on past occurrences in the movies.

However, the people who will truly appreciate WandaVision are those who both love the MCU and have a deep-seated affection for a good sitcom. WandaVision is an homage to the art of the sitcom, and even though I’m not overly familiar with every sitcom on the block, even I could recognize the trends and stereotypes it was poking fun at.

Character development in WandaVision could have been something that was washed over thanks to the shiny appeal of the sitcom trappings, but several fan-favorite MCU characters get to display how the events of both Infinity War and Endgame have affected them. I’m just going to go right out and say it: Wanda in particular is the one to watch.

Unfortunately, and this is perhaps one of the most prevalent MCU weaknesses across the board, the “villain” suffers from rather unclear motivations and power mechanics. You are introduced to their story in a single episode, and no big explanations are provided.

The most intriguing aspect of WandaVision is how it sets up Wanda’s future in the MCU. The implications are major, and if you’re a fan of the universe, you will feel the potential ramifications of the show’s ending ripple throughout your mind more quickly than a snap of Thanos’ fingers.

Personally, I enjoyed the show, but it’s not my favorite outing into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s not something I will go out of my way to rewatch. That said, I heartily appreciate what the show set out to accomplish. It went for something new, and I think it largely succeeded.

Besides, I love campiness and I love super heroes, and WandaVision has both in spades.

I rate WandaVision a bewitching-good-time-that-spells-an-interesting-future-for-the-MCU.

8 thoughts on “Sit Down and Watch Some WandaVision: WandaVision Review”

  1. Good review. I feel about the same about it.

    Fun fact: my gf and I watched the first three eps of WandaVision without having seen ANY MCU movies. I was floored by how strange and adventurous the premise was. It was almost avant garde. I had it in my head that most Marvel fare was shallow popcorn stuff.

    So we hit pause on Wanda and decided to watch all the MCU stuff while we had Disney+ (Thanks, Game Pass Ultimate!) to properly follow what was going on. So that was what we spent the last two months doing: watching every MCU movie (inc. the Spider-Man movies). It was really something. There’s some amazing movies in there, and some… less amazing stuff, of course. I was really impressed with how coherent they managed to make this huge shared universe of superheroes.

    So that was the power of WandaVision, I guess. It single-handedly converted us into Marvel fans, haha. Re: the show itself, I loved the initial mystery, the depth they gave Wanda, and the many fun and inventive sitcom references. I felt it lost its lustre a bit towards the end. I didn’t think a villain was even necessary and the last episodes kind of descended into the typical third act ‘shooty-shooty-bang-bang’ that most Marvel films do, which was kind of disappointing given the story had seemed so fresh and intimate from the outset. But it was still a fun show and I look forward to seeing where they take the character next!

    Have you seen Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Excited for Loki? Fatigued on Marvel yet!?

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    1. WOW. I’m just astonished at your dedication in watching all of the MCU over the past two months. Are you guys converted into Marvel forever fans now?

      I actually did watch Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and there were parts I liked and parts I didn’t. As with most of the MCU, they can be a mixed bag sometimes.

      And even though I have seen everything the MCU has to offer, I’m not fatigued yet!

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      1. I wouldn’t say we’re fans for life but it’s nice to finally be, like, part of the cultural conversation and understand references, lol.

        I also have a friend back home who has been like a mega Marvel fan since birth, so I got to discuss my thoughts with him over WhatsApp. He was so excited to hear a non-fan’s impressions of each movie and answer any questions I had. So that was half the fun for me: seeing my friend vicariously enjoy my MCU journey, haha.

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  2. I didn’t see it because I don’t have Disney+ and I refuse to get another streaming service. That being said, I obsessively stalked the next-day reviews and synopses. I love Elizabeth Olson’s Scarlett Witch. I desperately want them to put it out in DVD. Barring that and as the next best thing, I bought a Scarlett Witch and Vision Funko Pop bobblehead from the black and white episode. 😁

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