Vaccine Time

So I have officially gotten vaccinated, both doses.

After the first shot, my arm was just sore for about a day afterward. I couldn’t sleep on my favorite side, but that was the most inconvenienced I was.

After the second dose, I got some chills a few hours later. I went to bed and ended up waking up in the middle of the night with a heavy head and achy limbs. I struggled to go back to sleep and woke up the next morning feeling more or less the same way. I took a dose of children’s Tylenol (I’m a terrible pill-swallower), and my symptoms almost immediately cleared up and did not return.

Getting the vaccine has felt totally unreal. It’s been this talked-of thing for the longest time, and the rollout felt like it would take years. Never have I felt a vaccine was so important.

I mean, I’ve gotten the annual flu shot every once in a while, but this felt serious on an almost Contagion level of seriousness.

Side note: This is the perfect time to watch Contagion. Watching it back in March 2020 was a bit of a mistake for me. I was riddled with anxiety and horror for a few days after.

I feel safer after getting vaccinated, but my relief stems mostly from having my mom’s safety ensured. She got vaccinated, and I got vaccinated. My biggest fear has been passing something on to her, which is why I shut myself in most thoroughly last year.

It’s strange to live in such times, but I’m sure that is something everyone who has ever lived has thought at some point.

5 thoughts on “Vaccine Time”

  1. Nice work! Glad you were able to get yours and do your part ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to get mine so we can start putting this behind us. Unfortunately, in Australia we won’t be able to get ours until the end of the year (if then), as our federal government has made a colossal mess out of securing and rolling out vaccines. Until then, we’re stuck with expensive and anxiety-inducing lockdowns for now (my state has had four so far, and they’re much harsher than other countries — curfews, etc.).

    But anyway, your impressions were helpful. Sounds (relatively) painless. I, too, watched Contagion last year and scared the shit out of myself XD Great movie.

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    1. Aw man, that sucks. Hopefully you get yours sooner rather than later.

      Honestly, it was a rather painless experience. I can’t speak for others, but for my part, it doesn’t even rank on my personal scale of discomfort.

      And yeah, Contagion IS a great movie ๐Ÿ˜‚ Watching is again after getting vaccinated was almost like a cathartic bookend.

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