I’m a Horrible Packer

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling.

And by traveling, I just mean going from location to location for specific events that I’ve had planned for this summer (e.g., E3, house-sitting, pet-sitting, conferences, etc.). I’m not exactly backpacking in Europe.

Anyways, all this traveling has made me realize a rather immutable law of nature.

I’m a terrible packer.

It’s true. I’m the worst. I just can’t seem to get the hang of consolidating. No matter how hard I try, my belongings just seem to spread out. It’s as if that’s their natural state or something.

Plus, I’m also one of those god-awful persons who pack bags within bags. It started as a wish to not get lotion all over other items in my suitcase, but the habit just exploded. I now have a toiletry bag, a dentistry bag, a dirty clothes bag, a chargers/cables bag, a computer bag, and a book bag to place in my bigger travelling bags, i.e. my suitcases. (Suitcases plural!)

Oh, don’t get me started on my book bag.

See, I like to read lots of books at the same time. It’s my favorite way to read. So my book bag is this large duffle I lug around with me that holds eighteen books I alternate reading from chapter to chapter. I hate going anywhere without my book bag because it is my primary source of entertainment. What would I do without my books? Stare into nothingness?

Needless to say, the book bag takes up a lot of space when I travel. The bag is pretty big. It has to be to hold eighteen books. The book bag is cumbersome defined.

Plus, I’m a terrible folder of clothes. They get all bunchy and wrinkled and take up more space in my suitcase than if I just plopped them in there willy-nilly.

So I know blogs are normally intended as a friendly resource to the average reader. People follow blogs that contain helpful or interesting information they can use or enjoy, be that movie reviews or lifestyle options.

But this is The Below Average Blog, and I clearly don’t follow that format.

So instead of making great packing advice available to you, like an above average (hell, as an average) blogger would do, I’m going to BEG YOU to please give me packing tips in order to put my travels in order. I need to be a better packer, for my sake as well as for the sake of the people traveling with me!